Massive Midsummer Clearance Sale

Amazing Prosper Card Offer!

Our stunning Sicilia Suite is now reduced from the RRP of £1100 to £700, however, for our lucky Prosper Card Holders the price is only £550! But hurry- offer only available until the 8th of August!

Jealous? See how you can get your mitts on one of our prosper cards here.

Crush Those Pesky Ants!

We all like to get outside when the weather's warm, unfortunately ants like to do it too! Crush these pesky biting pests straight away by investing in these fantastic Nippon sprays- we've tried and tested them and can safely say they' re the most effective antkiller we've ever used

Dreamy Italian Gardens

With this balmy summer weather everyone wants to sit outside and relax in their garden.

These gorgeous DaVinci figurines can easily bring grace and italian glamour into your garden. Simply place appropriately as a feature in the centre of your back wall and then add some beautifully mediterannean coloured Gerbersa around the foot of the statue


Beautiful Dianthus £3.49Massive Midsummer Clearance SaleVisit us for bespoke, custom made hanging baskets