Bulbs -fill your garden for £10

Bulbs -fill your garden for £10

Summer Bulbs and perennials offer incredible value for money. Our packs of summer bulbs start at £2.50, but you can…

Valid until 12 April 2015
From £ 2.50
£ 1.67
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Gardman Fat Snax (50 tub)

Gardman's top quality fat snax balls contain human grade ingredients- ie ones that are used in products which hit our supermarket shelves, meaning that this is some serious quality birdfeed! The…

Gardman 12.75kg Seed Mix

This special blend is created with sunflower seed, oats, maize and wheat and is an ideal mix for those looking to attract a variety of birds to their garde…

Gardman 20kg seed mix

This special blend…

Gardman 12.75kg Nyger Seed Mix

Got a soft spot for Goldfinches? This seed mix is designed especially formulated for Golfinches,